IOOS 52 North SOS

This is the project page for the IOOS customized version of the 52°North Sensor Observation Service (SOS).

The IOOS 52°North SOS is a customized version of the 52°North (52n) SOS. The IOOS custom modules provide custom encoding modules and an IOOS format test data generator.

The IOOS custom encoding formats are:

  • GetCapabilitiesResponse (add metadata, customize offering format, etc)
  • SensorML (add metadata and generated fields like procedure hierarchies and time span)
  • O&M and SWE (add metadata, use IOOS SWE format)
  • netCDF (CF 1.6/ACDD 1.1/NODC 1.0/IOOS 1.0 conventions, one sensor per netCDF file, output as a zip file)

The IOOS test data:

  • Generates network, station, and sensor procedures
  • Uses IOOS SensorML formats and metadata
  • Uses CF standard names for observed properties
  • Uses udunits
  • Generates time series (air_temperature) and time series profile (sea_water_temperature) data
  • Randomly generates global station locations
  • Includes test client example requests matching test data values

The project currently aims to conform to the IOOS SOS Milestone 1 Standard.

Download the WAR

Bleeding edge (current) build: 52n-sos-ioos-0.8.2-SNAPSHOT.war - built at 2014-07-24 05:14 PDT

Stable build: 52n-sos-ioos-0.8.1-SNAPSHOT.war

Release Notes

See Release notes document

Mailing List

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See installation instructions.


See upgrade instructions.

Test Data

To experiment with test data in your SOS, see test data instructions.


For tools to populate your SOS, see populating instructions.


For an overview of SOS concepts, see concepts.

Test instance

A test instance of the stable and bleeding edge versions of the IOOS 52n SOS are available:

Issue Tracker

Report issues on the Google Code issue tracker.

Known Issues

  • Performance degrades when several million observations are stored
  • Quality flags not yet supported
  • Profile orientation/pitch/roll static data block not supported in GetObservation output
  • Station and sensor location in GetObservation are determined from observation locations
  • ResultTemplate operations are not supported

Other resources

52North resources:

Information on IOOS SOS efforts can be found at the ioostech Google Code page and ioostech_dev Google Group.

Information on OGC SOS standards can be found here.